Where to find albums by Donna Savage, if any?
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Anyone know what happened to NZ singer Donna Savage?

She sang with the Dead Famous People and on Saint Etienne's second single . She also did the magnificent background vocals for "Heavenly Pop Hit" by The Chills. I read somewhere that she released a solo album, but it was a long time ago and my memory is not what it used to be. Can anybody help. Thanks!
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Her Discogs page doesn't show much beyond what you just said.
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Best answer: I have two CDs, with some crossover (four songs.) It's maddening that one cannot obtain "Devil Child" and "Barlow's House," among other wonderful songs, on CD, isn't it? And that inferior version of "Postcard From Paradise" with the awkward extra bits seems to have pushed the more economical version off the books. I reckon five of their best songs are vinyl-only.

She was reportedly working on a solo album; I heard this perhaps two years ago. But nothing since.

Supposedly Dead Famous People (collectively) suffered from a rather notorious lesbian supremacist attitude, which nearly manifested itself in violence at times. I find this charming in a way (despite not being a lesbian myself), if only because Savage's lyrics were among the most achingly nostalgic, bittersweet and beautiful of any modern songwriter; the juxtaposition of these two elements seems impossibly funny. I've no idea if that's true - and one doesn't hear much about the band at all - but I have heard it from more than one person, along with the resulting fact that they alienated many of their professional supporters - label people, other bands, studio staff, and so on. This could be exaggerated and may not apply at all to Donna Savage personally, but when information is scant, rumours win.

She's been "missing" since I came to America, what seems a lifetime ago (and has been, in many ways.) So it would be kind of incredible if she were to pop up again. But here's hoping.
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Best answer: Wendy Kjestrup, who wrote a song or two for DFP, is in a new band:


Why not write and see if you can find out? But let us know!
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