How Can I Import the Titles from an Old Wordpress Blog?
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Is there a way to import only the titles from an old Wordpress blog and insert them into a new Wordpress blog, on the same dates as the entries in the old blog?

I post comics on my website using Wordpress. I have an old Wordpress blog ("A") and a new Wordpress blog ("B"). Blog A is in standard blog format where I just inserted everything via HTML, and blog B uses Comicpress, wherein the comics are uploaded into their own field and it works on a different system, so I cannot simply import the old blog entirely into the new one.

I was able to import a batch of comics into blog B, listed on the same dates that they were on blog A, but now they all have the same generic title.

So I have database A, which has information on each post including the date and post_title. Is there a way to import that information into database B so that, for example, the post_title for the entry on January 1st in database A is added to the entry for January 1st in database B?

I have only rudimentary skills in PHP and SQL but I am confident that if you tell me what to do I will find a way to do it.
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How does a regular ComicPress import from an existing WordPress blog behave? Does it copy over everything verbatim? If this is the case, you could just enact this import mechanism and then go to your database for your new blog (blog "B") and run the query UPDATE {wp, comicpress, cp, whatever the prefix is}_posts SET post_content='', which is just a fancy way of deleting all the entries' contents.
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