new MLIS student looking for some good reading!
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What are good blogs and resources for MLIS students?

I just found out I was accepted to Drexel University for my MLIS with a nice fellowship. My background is mostly in law and psychology (looking to be a law librarian possibly), so I want to update my RSS reader with some new relevant blogs and resources.

Who should I be paying attention to? What websites should I live by? Anything else you can recommend to better prepare me?

Thanks I look forward to your responses!
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Best answer: Well, it's not for MLIS students in particular, but Law Librarian Blog just gave a list of the 50 best blogs for law librarians.
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I hear is pretty good.
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Response by poster: Oh nice one aswego!

Thanks box, Jessamyn's site was already on my radar, I am on askmefi after all!
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Best answer: As someone who currently works in a law library, these are my recommendations (though definitely seek out more, from professors and other students, when you get to school!):

I imagine it's on the top 50 list linked to above, but here's the link to the American Association of Law Libraries' RSS feeds.
I also really like LISnews, which is updated frequently.
I like Resource Shelf for interesting news as well as info on new resources, etc.
I like Unshelved---though I am by no means a public librarian---because it's wildly amusing, and you can laugh at some of the library-wide things that drive you crazy.

Also, on a more general 'preparation for school' note, if there is any kind of social interaction being planned before school starts or in that first week or so, go for it. I went to a technology review sort of thing a few weeks before, and that's where my friends come from--the closest friends I have from library school, I met before it started.
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This is a self-link but I started my blog soon after I began my MLIS at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada. I wrote a lot about my experiences in the program on my blog. I also did one post where I collected all of my most relevant posts that a new student might be interested in including some of my assignments, thoughts on library school in general, tips for classes to take and so on.
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