What does writing a sponsor letter for someone to visit the US entail?
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What does writing a sponsor letter for someone to visit the US entail?

I have a friend in Nepal who wants to come to the US for a few months and is asking for a sponsor letter. I imagine this letter is much more that just a "hey Unca Sam, he's a heck of a guy, let him in" kind of thing.

As sponsor letter writer, what would I be responsible for? Food, lodging, health care, etc? Are there certain amounts—does money need to be put in a trust or something? Do I have to go through an interview process?

As a side-note, my friend has travelled to France in the past, so this would not be his first trip abroad, although it would be his first to the US. Also, he has a wife and child in Nepal, so I'm thinking the border people would be less inclined to think he was going to drop off the radar or something and stay here forever. My friend is about 30 years old.

If I am unable to meet the requirements (cash or whatever), are there groups out there that help match potential visitors with people who'd like to sponsor them? (or perhaps if groups like these existed, they would quickly be overwhelmed with requests)

I'll keep an eye on this thread, but you can also contact me via anonyaskmefi@gmail.com
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Here's a stack of useful documents. He'll need to apply for a Visitor Visa I think.
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