Blue Man Group Okay for Kids?
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I'm heading to NYC in a month or so and want to see Blue Man Group while I'm there. Can anyone who has seen their show tell me if they think the content of the show would be inappropriate for an eleven year old girl? Mild profanity isn't a big deal.

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I walked past their theater during intermission every day for seven years and there were always lots of kids outside hanging out with their families. Seems like it would be fine.
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I saw Blue Man Group in Boston last year (I've heard the shows are all pretty much the same, though they might have changed since I last saw it), and I don't remember anything that would offend reasonable sensibilities. There might be some bits with adult humor in them, but nothing too racy. I think I would have loved BMG when I was 11 - lots of visual jokes, audience participation, etc.
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It's a family-friendly show, at least what I saw in Vegas. There were tons of kids there, and they were having a blast.
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I saw the show in New York (fyi, you can usher for free, if you're 18 and you sign up enough in advance), and there were buckets of kids there, and they loved the show. It really is a lot of fun- nothing inappropriate at all- just a lot of musical mess and mayhem. Make sure you hang out in the lobby after the show- some Blue Men come out and give blue kisses.
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Assuming the content of the show hasn't changed, there wasn't even mild profanity when I went about two years ago. At least nothing I remember off-hand.

As a matter of fact, I attended with my girlfriend's family, including her 11 year-old sister. Her parents are quite uptight about her even seeing PG-13 movies, but the show was absolutely loved all around.

Definitely do go. It was an incredible show, and hilarious. Well worth it.
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I also saw it in Boston, and have heard that the show is similar in different sites. The only "adult" parts of it were mostly things that kids just might not be old enough to appreciate.

It was a very visual show with great colors and music, and I don't see any reason why a kid couldn't enjoy it.
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I've seen the show in Boston and Las Vegas and it was pretty much the same thing. Everything that has been said previously in this thread is absolutely correct. Oh yeah - there isn't any speech, it's all music and props so there's no worries about profanity "issues."

Two comments about the show:

#1 - I definitely preferred seeing it in Las Vegas because the production was so much "bigger" and it completely overwhelmed the audience. The theater I saw it in in Boston didn't have anywhere near that impact. I don't know what the hall in NYC is like, but I hope they turn up the volume and let the energy of the show flow through you because that's half of the magic.

#2 - They use strobe lights throughout the performance, so if anyone in your group is epileptic you'll need to take that into consideration.
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The theater in NYC is off-broadway and is tiny, with a balcony.
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Third/fourth me for the Boston show. The line "Modern Plumbing" still makes me snicker.
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I've seen in twice in Chicago. 11 years old is a good age. She may not get some of the visual jokes / music references, but otherwise no problem.

Profanity isn't a problem, as the Blue Men don't speak.
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This show is made for 11 year olds. Go for it. If you are adventurous, ask for seats in the first five or so rows where you will have to don a raincoat - wear old clothes.
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We've seen it in both Vegas and New York. Nothing particularly child inappropriate, even in the Vegas show.
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If your daughter doesn't have the time of her life, seek professional help. There's no content to be concerned about. I've seen BMG in Chicago and on their amphitheater tour, and both rank as the top concert/entertainment experiences I've had. If I'd seen them at 11, I might have grown up to BE a Blue Man.
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I saw the group in Boston and I thought I remember seeing the term "mindfuck" scroll across one of the LCD signs... Other than that, nothing racy at all.
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