Suggestions for Top Hawaii Activities
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Any suggestions for what the top Hawaii attractions are? Heading to Hawaii in a couple weeks with some friends. I wanted to get some feedback from people who actually have experienced some of the better attractions there. Aloha.
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Well, you're gonna have to be more specific about which island you're going to and what you're interested in. There are loads of amazing places on every island as well as a bevy of tour operators both good and bad who are willing to take you to each. What kind of traveler are you? Do you like to rough it and explore on your own? Do you want to be shepherded around? Are you looking for water activities? Big boat action? Waterfall tours? Horse rides? Snorkle tours? Catamaran? Helicopter stuff? All are possible.

If you're on the big island, I'd suggest a helicopter tour or bike ride tour of the volcano. Maui has some nice nooks and crannies but nothing on the must see list. Kauai has lots of amazing rain forest stuff, though I haven't been in twenty years. Because I'm a astronomy dork, my favorite thing (aside from beaching it) would be visiting Mauna Kea's astronomy center. That's on the big island. Go at night (or dusk), but know that the road is... unfriendly.
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Hopefully, you'll get to Kauai on your trip. It's beyond gorgeous, and, truthfully, what I enjoyed most was just spending all day in the water, snorkeling, checking out all the eels and the amazing fish. I was so completely engrossed, that, on one occasion, I finally surfaced for a bit to find myself in the middle of an outrigger race!

Hiking with some of the locals I met to their favorite spots around the island was also far more interesting than anything I trudged off to do on the advice of my guidebook. I vaguely remember visiting museums, tourist attractions on the well-beaten path, etc., but what remains in my mind most vividly are the waterfalls we encountered on hikes, the wild animals we saw, the fleeting rainstorms, and little swimming holes, like the queen's bath. One swimming hole was underground, the entry hole like a skylight, and swimming in that was quite unforgettable.

I guess what I'm saying is make the flora, earth, water, and fauna your attractions, if you can. And many locals will be knowledgeable and excellent companions with whom you can find a gobsmackingly beautiful and different presentation of the typical Hawaiian attractions.
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You definitely need to give us more details on which islands you will be visitied and a general sort of things that you are looking to do because despite the fact you are on a series of islands in the middle of the Pacific there is a ton of things to do.
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The Hawaiian Royal Palace in Honululu
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What Island are you going to?
I'd use tripadvisor to plan your trip. My wife and I did for our honeymoon, and we found some amazing non-touristy places.
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snorkeling is pretty swell there. If you're on Oahu, Hanauma is pretty nice, but you'd be better off up north at the three tables/sharks cove area. There's a couple little shacks across the road that rent snorkel gear, and the staff are pretty friendly.

Don't bother with sunset/dinner cruises, at least not for the food/entertainment factor. They're quite expensive, and the food is awful. If you do go to Oahu, it's nice to rent a car and drive around the island. Lot's of places to stop, either at restaurants or beaches for picnics.
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I really liked horse riding through a pineapple plantation.

The helicopter ride over a volcano was cool for the first 5 minutes and then I got airsick, but if you don't get airsick or scared of falling out of helicopters into lava, by all means book it.
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Oh yea, a surfing lesson.
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