Midweek SF Brunch?
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What's a yummy brunch place in San Francisco that'll be open on a Tuesday morning?
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If you like Brenda's or Dottie's (both closed on Tuesdays) I'd suggest Just for You on 22nd street off of 3rd as a tasty alternative.
posted by zombiedance at 5:20 PM on May 21, 2009

I feel like most of them will be open on Tuesday! My favorites are the Pork Store Cafe (two locations, Mission and Haight), Eats in the Inner Richmond, Chloe's in Noe Valley (which can get super crowded... only a couple blocks away is the equally delicious Fattoush).
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Oops, strike Fattoush... only open for dinner on Tuesdays. Perhaps my initial statement was incorrect!
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Toast... mmmm toast
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I highly recommend Zazie and I will second Pork Store, if only for their delicious hash-browns, none of that home fries bullshit. :)
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Valencia Pizza and Pasta at 19th and Valencia.
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Seconding Zazie's - hmmm, lovely omelets......
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Chow @ Church and Market.
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I second Just For You, and also suggest the St. Francis Fountain.
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I'll second Chloes, their cinnamon croissant french toast is crazy delicious and weekdays usually aren't too crowded, and I'll third Just for You, because beignets! and pint-sized mimosas can't be beat.
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Many great suggestions above. I would add Ella's, and also Mama's.
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Squat and Gobble - several locations to choose from in SF. I like the one on Haight.
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I've only ever eaten brunch in SF at boogaloo's. Vegan options.
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2nding Mama's in North Beach.
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Whereabouts will you be? It's Tops (1801 Market at Octavia) is an old-school diner with historic photos, formica counters, and all sorts of groovy old tchotchkes (and hipster waitstaff, but they're friendly). It's easily reachable from downtown. Pretty basic diner food, though.

As beerbajay suggested, Boogaloo's is tasty, and there won't be a line on Tuesday mornings (as there always is on weekends).

My fave is Al's Cafe (3286 Mission at 29th Street). The walls are covered in Hollywood memorabilia and photos, and the septuagenarian sisters who are the waitresses are sassy and sweet. The homemade chili is pretty good. There are some decent specials on the menu, although again it's mostly American breakfast/diner fare.
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