NYC subway station coordinates?
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Where can I find a listing of the coordinates (latitude, longitude) of all the New York City subway stations?
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You'll have to go to each entry in turn for the coordinates, but Wikipedia has that information.
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Maybe talk to this guy, developer of this project, "Triptrop NYC: Completely Rad Subway Time Maps". He might have this info all packaged up. (Note: I have no idea how his thing works, so it might not have this data at all...)
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Over at POI Factory, someone has this.
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XML file

In general, if you can find someone doing a Google Maps version, that will use source data in long/lat, so you can look at the HTML source to reuse it. If you are so inclined.
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you can use my google earth KML.
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Watch out! The icon on Google Maps isn't always the entrance that the MTA thinks is the Right One, so if you're working from geocoded data and are putting it on Google Maps you might have to double-check yourself.
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