London doesnt have Diet Snapple!!
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One of the only things I miss in London is diet Snapple ice tea (or Lipton version). I cant seem to find the diet versions of many drinks which are readily available in the US. Does anyone know a source (pref. online where I can order a case or two, not trade where I need to buy a van ful)
posted by london302 to Food & Drink (8 answers total) will sell you cases of US drinks. They also have a shop in Covent Garden.

What might also be a good option is membership of a cash and carry place - Makro is open to business people, Costco to the general public with a registration fee. I managed to get Reese's Cups there.
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Harrod's, Brompton Road, London? Worth a call!

Harrods Store Inquiries: +44 (0) 20 7730 1234
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Response by poster: Youve gotta love Harrods. They have a diet non-alcoholic drink specialist! But alas, they dont have diet Snapple Iced Tea....same with Cybercandy but I did discovered some other goodies so thanks for link.

The thirst for Diet Snapple Iced Tea not quenched just yet.....please let suggestions flow.......
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Don't get mad at me for suggesting this. You said you wanted more ideas. I also love Diet Snapple and I used to buy it by the case, both the iced tea and the cranberry-raspberry drink. Now I drink Crystal Light, and a lot of it. Way too much. But I love it. I love it more than Diet Snapple. And it would be easier for you to get it because it's dried so to speak. Cheaper shipping. The peach iced tea, and the raspberry flavor, are great. Also try the cherry-pomegranate. And the lemonade. Sometimes I make a batch that is half lemonade and half iced tea. Try it.

(ducks head, slinks away)
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Response by poster: Kangaroo: I am pleased with your suggestion. Is it diet?
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Response by poster: Additional point: can i buy it in the UK or who will ship to the UK
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Yes! It is diet. It has something like 5 calories a serving. You can buy it in any grocery store, or Target, or drug store in the US. You dump a little tub into a pitcher, add cold water, and guzzle. Amazon sells it. I'm not sure about Amazon UK. But it's everywhere here.

I find if I really go crazy and drink a ton of it, I might get a little headache. It's full of artificial stuff and chemicals and flavors and colors. I don't care. I love it. Excuse me please because I'm going to go have some right now. Do you have anyone here who can buy you a bunch and ship it? The powder weighs practically nothing.
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Here you go.
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