Basic image editing question
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Basic image editing question

How do you stretch text and images in photoshop? I'm sure this is an easy question, but I don't have the software yet, and I want to hit the ground running. Please look at the attached image to see what I'm talking about. Thanks in advance.
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Easiest way, CTRL-T to enter Free Transform mode. Whatever layer is active will have handles on the corners and sides.

With scaling you can hold SHIFT to constrain proportions, and ALT will make it resize from the center.

By holding CTRL you can distort. With CTRL held you can drag any of the corner handles indepentantly to get the distortions you're seeking.
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Best answer: Edit -> Transform -> Perspective is the way to go. The side handles will give you the first effect; the corner handles will give you the second one.

A free transform (Ctrl-T) won't give you the ability to distort the image in the way you've depicted.
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Free transform, with the CTRL modifier (CMD on a Mac I believe) will allow the transforms you're after. CTRL + SHIFT will constrain on an axis.
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sycophant is right about the Ctrl thing. I'd never used that before :)
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