What's that article about common "one in a million" events?
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Looking for an article that was published in the last three years that described how common certain "one in a million" events actually are. Prominent coincidences discussed in the article were whales jumping onto the decks of ships and people finding long lost wedding rings. I believe it may have been in the Guardian or another UK paper's website. [More Inside]

At one point, I had it located in an archive but couldn't figure out how to buy it (UK funds). So if anyone finds it, any tips on how to acquire it would also be welcome. Thanks!
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I can't find it either, and I'm not at work so can't get into the paper dbases. If no-one else finds it, I'll check tomorrow. Oh, and next time: figure out how to buy it! Or at least bookmark the link, oy.
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Best answer: This looks like the article. Of course, they want you to pay for the full text, which can be found here for free.
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Response by poster: The Independent! That was my mistake. Thanks a lot, zelphi.
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Hmmm... Zelphi strikes again with the Google-Fu. ;-)
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What a great article!
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As Terry Pratchett would say: "Million to one chances crop up nine times out of ten."
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