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Anyone point me towards some music that I can download and use to accompany the photographs that I'll be taking at my son's school sports day? I intend selling copies of the disc for a few pounds each to raise some money for school funds, so either copyright free or some sort of UK waiver would be essential. The music should be upbeat and appropriate for a sporting theme.
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I really like music from this site. The music is pretty well done and all the composer asks is an optional $5 (US) donation. There are all kinds of different moods and tempi.
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Even stuff without copyright shouldn't be sold for any profit (even a non-profit profit) without someone giving permission. Perhaps it's OK legally but ethically I'm sure musicians should at least like to know what their stuff is being used to promote.

On there are a bunch of old timey musical selections that don't have any copyright holders and they're from like 1932 so that might work without guiltiness.

But you could also just browse through a site like Bandcamp and email the musicians and ask if you can use their songs for free and 9times outta 10 I bet they say yes.
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Go for some music in which the copyrights have already expired, or hire someone to play some music for it. If it is for charity your local high school band would probably oblige.
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