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Are there any good websites or books for students that are interested in finding more about what different careers in public policy are available to them? I've been looking around for some friends of mine, but have had trouble finding anything...
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You're at a university, right? Don't they have an overfunded "career center" with a whole library of books on stuff like that?

Also, the regular library at the universities I've spent long periods at also had books on career possibilities. Ask the reference librarian there if you can't find them.

Sorry if you've already tried this and you wanted a more specific recommendation.
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It's generally pretty hard to find stuff on Public Policy. i guess what i was looking for was a overview of what public policy was, what one does to study it, and so forth...

The university i'm at (Cornell) is also very, very tilted towards pre-professional careers in business, law, medicine, etc. And public policy is a relatively new field, hard to define, and can span a variety of disciplines. (science policy is a lot different than domestic policy) generally i've found Career Services doesn't really know that much, and i was hoping to find a book or website that could help my friend get a quick idea of whats out there.
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