I need DJ equipment and furniture. Suggestions?
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So: I've finally moved to the new place and set up the turntables and mixer that had been languishing in storage. I added Serato to the mix to make it interesting. But I find myself in need of furniture and equipment to complete things, and I was hoping for recommendations.

What I need:

* Studio monitor apeakers (preferably self powered)
* Stand for 2x Technics turntables + 1x laptop + 2x studio monitor speakers (preferably modular and/or expandable as I might want to add a small keyboard)
* Small amount of vinyl storage

Note: I don't need a "coffin" as I'm just doing this at home for kicks.

Suggestions? Thanks!
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Augh, don't get a coffin ever. Two flight cases will do. You can even get pairs that fit together with wheels and a handle.

You don't mention a budget. I stack my decks on a folding table from Staples, but they're in flight cases which adds a bit of height. My current table is four feet long. This allows for two turntables in battle position, a 10" mixer, and a few inches on the side. Six foot tables aren't much more money.

You do NOT want your speakers on the same surface as your turntables. This will cause feedback that will piss you off, piss your neighbors off, and damage your hearing.

The standard storage for records is stolen milk crates. Office stores may have reasonable facsimiles. However, I prefer something with solid sides. If you have the time, you can just build them out of wood.
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Yeah, the monitors specifically need a budget attached. Assuming you don't want to spend a ton of money, I can recommend picking up a used pair of Event 20/20 bas speakers for around $400. They're good for stuff like this because they have pretty good bass response, and they're pretty clear and pleasant-sounding as well.
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Racks And Stands. Good quality, great prices and service. I bought this a few months ago and it looks much nicer than the pic on the website.

Perhaps B&H, Boltz, or Ikea's Expedit for your vinyl.
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Response by poster: Regarding the monitors, while I wouldn't say "money is no object", I'm guess I'm flexible. Perhaps up to $800 for a pair?
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Response by poster: Ah, I forgot to mention, let's say the budget for the entire setup is under $1000. I'm more interested in working with the music than having the most whizbang gadgetronix system around.
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