Short term but regular stay in Paris?
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Short term flat let in Paris?

Has anyone used one of the short term flat let services in Paris? I've been headhunted to teach three days a month at a business school in Paris, and I'm trying to put together all the costs to see if we've got a deal.

EuroStar over Thursday night and back Sunday evening works, as does anticipated food costs and transportation but I need a personal recommendation on short term flat rentals. I've lived in Paris before but neither I nor any of my Parisian friends have used such a service before.

I've googled up sites such as Stay Paris, in fact there was no shortage of options but I'd to get some personal feedback.

Convenient to 7th arrondissement, preferably by Metro. I previously lived out in Suresnes so consider that a rough upper limit to travel.
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Best answer: I've not actually stayed at any of their flats, but when I was researching doing just this last year, I found the responsiveness and helpfulness of the folks at Paris Vacation Apartments to be top notch. They've got everything from 4 bedroom palaces to tiny studio flats in Montmartre.

Also, Alcove and Agapes has unhosted apartments, if you can look past the, um, eccentric translation and site design.
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Best answer: I have used Homelidays to rent houses and apartments all over France more times than I can remember (I'm in one now actually) and have never been disappointed.
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Best answer: I've used a couple of times for vacation flats in Paris and have never been disappointed. They were very helpful and flexible enough to accommodate a late arrival. Both times i've stayed at a 1 bedroom flat on the Ille d'St.Louis - Beautiful !
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Best answer: You could try Sabbatical Homes. I have friends that have used these guys and enthusiastically recommended them.
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I've stayed with Paris Vacation Apartments, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. They are fairly high-end and may be more than you are looking for, however.
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Best answer: Might be what you're looking for? I've rented a flat in Paris from them, in the Marais, and just loved it. Was there for a week, but could have let it for more or less time.
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