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Is it good to have your full searchable resume on your blog? if yes. What would be the good HTML format for resume.
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I hire and help screen a lot of people. I definitely prefer HTML to PDF for the (admittedly rare) time I find someone's resume to look something up. But PDF is also nice for printing and filing offline: it's far easier to compare 200 people with paper than on-screen. So I suggest both.

The ideal HTML format would be simple simple simple. Here are some nice clean example templates.
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Piggbacking on this: I've always wanted a way to update my resume in a single format and then give it to an app that would generate a doc, a pdf, a plain text, and an html/xml version. Does this exist? If it doesn't, someone could make a fortune building such an app.
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Response by poster: @grumblebee check this resume generator by Alex King.
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Maybe I'm missing something, thejeshgn, but that just seems to be an app that spits out html. It doesn't make docs and pdfs.
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Response by poster: yeah right, it gives you only html or simple text.
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Grumblebee, this might be want you want: XML Résumé Library — generates HTML, PDF, unformatted text, and RTF. I haven't used it myself, but it looked interesting a while ago so I had it bookmarked.
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