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I'm looking for video clips of either (1) someone burning a love letter or (2) a plane writing "I love you" in the sky which fades. Does anyone know what movies have these scenes, or even better, point me to such videos online?
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Response by poster: Thanks Busy Old Fool. I should have mentioned that I searched for a while on Youtube and Google Video and have viewed those videos. I'm looking for instead are clips with movie quality production, or if anyone remembers scenes from a film.
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Best answer: Ah, that makes a difference! OK, here are some actual films.
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And also, though I'm pretty sure not all of them are love letters:
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In The House of Mirth (Edith Wharton novel), the character Lily burns someone else's love letters.

Conversation begins here, giving some context, spoiler explanation rot13ed:
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