How to become a food product business.
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How to become a small business food producer in CA? I am a LA bartender that has been creating my own syrups...

they make a difference over what is commercially available (and some are original) when making nice cocktails. I know I have to operate in a approved commercial kitchen (I'm looking at renting time in a commercial kitchen), but I can't figure out how to have proper labelling approved. I have seen the FDA guidelines, but do I need approval, and how would i get it. Other info I've been able to find is that I need to be certified as a food handler and register as a business entity. Has anyone found more clear resources for the necessary steps to take here, or have personal experience that they can share advice from? I'm looking at doing local delivery to bars/restaurants, selling retail, and selling online (this complicates things).
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I don't have experience with them, but they look like they may be able to help you.
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You might also try your local better business bureau and taking a class in food production at an LA university.
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If you aren't married to doing your own prep, try Waldo Ward. They've been packing jams and other foodstuffs out in Sierra Madre for about 100 years, their own brand and many others' brands, and are good folks.
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