Can you deliver to a kayak?
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Does anyone remember a documentary, or show on PBS about someone researching an old kayak design, where the people doing the building paddled around Manhattan Island?

This probably would have been at least 20 years ago. A highlight was the paddlers ordering a pizza delivery mid-paddle, receiving it on a dock, and eating on their kayaks.

The design in question was one where there was a projecty bit below the prow that some really old Aleutian Kayaks had that apparently made the kayak a bit faster, or a bit more stable.

I'd really like to watch it again, but of course the first step would be to figure out what it was called.
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I have no idea, I'm afraid, but you might enjoy John McPhee's excellent The Survival of the Bark Canoe
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I can normally find things like this but wow...I'm really stumped.
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fnerg, if no one else remembers this for you, tomorrow at lunch I can ask the guys over at New York Kayak Company on Pier 40 if they know what it was...I'd imagine they may have been involved.

I take my lunch over there most nice days.
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Hmm, now that I look at their site, I see they've only been in business since 1994, but I'll still ask. Maybe someone over there knows what you're talking about.
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It sounds like something involving George Dyson and his Baidarkas, but I can't find any documentary with him/his kayaks/etc.
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Best answer: Is this it?
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Response by poster: I remember that the kayak looked similar to a baidarka, except that the fork extended straight out, instead of curving up.

JaredSeth, that would be awesome. Thanks!
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Response by poster: fixedthefernback, that could very well be it. I'll have to try to hunt down a copy to see if it actually is.
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Well the gentleman I spoke to hadn't heard of the show, so hopefully fixedthefernback's got it.
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Response by poster: JaredSeth, thanks for checking that out. As it is, I'm probably going to have to wait until I'm in Florida to even think about getting that tape from the library there.
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