Unique flag that I can leave outside in the rain
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What flag can I fly on the flag pole that came with my house that has the same symbolic value of say the American or Texas flag, but isn't subject to the same code of treatment (ie taken inside when it's raining, etc)?

I need a unique flag that has positive symbolism, but I'm not looking for another chore... so whatever flag it is, I just want to let it fly... rain or shine... yet I don't want to disrespect any of my neighbors (lots of vets) and I don't want to send any messages that can be mis-perceived (peace sign / rainbow flags... even though I like their symbolic values)... So is there a good compromise out there?
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Don't Tread on Me
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We fly an Earth flag which can be thought of as a little peacenicky, but I think it's nice.
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Pirate flag!
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Did you read this? You may diplay an all-weather flag in the rain. I often see flags that are never lowered, for example, the big ones at car dealers. Note that they must be kept illuminated at night.
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Smiley Face Flag
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I like your question because we also have an empty flag pole. flags.com has all kinds of stuff: pirate flags, historical flags, marine flags, design-your-own decorative flats. Perhaps browsing there will inspire you.
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Bunker Hill flag
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Best answer: The shipping flag of the White Star Line - owner of the Titanic.

US Naval Jack

Flags of ... everywhere.
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Well, if your name is Charlie, Juliet, Mike, Oscar, Romeo, or Victor, you could fly the marine signal flag of that name. (Though watch out - some of them mean something, at least on a ship. Flying Victor could get a bunch of sailors offering to help you. Heh.)

My next door neighbor flys a flag that looks very much like "Mike". I could have sworn before I met him that his name would turn out to be mike, or that he was a doctor. (The ship with the duty medical officer in port flies Mike so injured people know where to go.)

Turns out he's Scottish and that's the old Scotland flag (more rectangular than Mike.)
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At my house, we fly boys' day carp from the flag pole.
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Also, I like the old blue US Navy jack better than the First Navy Jack we use now. I don't know of any special handling rules for the jack.
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Hm, I would think that if someone views your flag as having equal symbolic value to the US or Texas flags, then they will view the same treatment as disrespectful to the flag as they would view as disrespectful to the national or state flag -- even if there's not a code that requires specific treatment for that flag.
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Best answer: A custom made flag with your family's coat of arms?
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The red flag of revolt is peculiar in that customarily, it shouldn't be taken down at all.

(Though it probably won't comply with your requirement that the flag be inoffensive).
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In my neighborhood, you see lots of school/alma mater flags, or flags of people's favorite sports teams. There are also a fair amount of so-called "house flags", often with pineapples (a welcome symbol).
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Flying Victor could get a bunch of sailors offering to help you. Heh.

Given that it's also the state flag of Alabama, you might also get folks like me coming up and saying "War Eagle" or "Roll Tide" (not that I'd ever say "Roll Tide," mind you).
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Best answer: Come And Take It
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Sell it as advertising space.
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I work in a federal office (wildlife refuge) and we fly our american flag ran or shine, but we put it up in the morning and take it down at night (kind of an annoying chore).

my parents used to fly a 10 foot fish kite from their pole, it was awesome. if that's not your style, maybe you could get some other sort of large, exciting windsock, even in your state or usa colors if you're going for some particular symbolism.
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how about a pretty windsock
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I'm in the UK and the personal flag pole is a lot less ubiquitous although they do tend to appear in seemingly competitive clusters. In my gf's family's village there's an England flag next door to a Scotland flag but the main competition seems to be with football (soccer) teams.

My gf's father owns the village pub so has the alpha-location and has the West Ham United flag flying. He'll fly it at half mast following a loss which apparently has caused amusement in the team dressing room. (One of the players lives nearby and drives past regularly.)

Depending on how deeply you feel about your teams, this may or may not have symbolic value...
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Best answer: You could always fly the <your city> flag, if your city indeed has one (mine does; I don't know exactly how common this is).
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Best answer: The Black Flag represents the absence of a flag, and thus stands in opposition to the very notion of nation-states and hierarchical institutions.
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I suggest the POW/MIA flag. The motto "You Are Not Forgotten" would have a large symbolic meaning when flown rain or shine. I think your veteran neighbors would appreciate the sentiment.
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How about a flag representing your favorite college or university?
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2nd the Come and Take it flag.
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Response by poster: Wow. Some good input that got me thinking about flags like I never had before. After browsing through some of the links ya'll posted I stumbled upon the Burnet Flag --- the first official flag of the Republic of Texas. It is elusive enough that people probably won't call me out for "disrespecting" it even though it has some excellent symbolic value. I'll probably start here and explore some of the other ideas in future years. It turns out that there are a bunch of neat Texas historic flags... if they were cheaper, I'd probably go with the Lorenzo DeZavala flag or the Johanna Troutman flag.

Out of American historic flags, the Commodore Perry flag looks pretty neat and so does the Fort Moultrie flag (note: according to the Flags of the World website - the "liberty" is supposed to be inside the crescent... either way... a pretty neat flag with great symbolic value).

Another future possibility... The City of Portland flag --- even though I've never been there, I consider myself a Texan living the symbolic life of a Portlander...

Another future possibility... I like the ideas of the black flag and of the United Federation of Planets flag and the custom flag. So if I mix them all together, I'll come up with something like this on a flag (The Star Trek "Live Long and Prosper" hand outline ... without the words).

Oh also... I like the Naval Jack idea, but I read on wikipedia that those are subject to the same conduct guidelines as the American flag. It's a great fricking paradox to me that a flag that is the ultimate symbol of freedom to so many people is bound by so many rules and regulations!

Thanks everyone... ;-)
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I would like to add that if your flag is illuminated at night you aren't violating flag etiquette.
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The flag of Mars is nice. Red circle on black background.
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