Does anyone know where to find independent artist run centers in Paris, France.
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Does anyone know of any cool small independent artist run centers in Paris, France? Searching "Paris" and anything to do with art is overwhelming and not helping me find what I am looking for.

I will be in Paris for about 5-7 days in a few days (ie this Friday) and I really want to check out the local art scene.
I want to see what is going on in places where art students or recent grads might have their first shows - small collectives that maybe have a shared art space and/or gallery? Or perhaps there is an area where this sort of thing might be found?
Think "hipsters" and where they would frequent - for lack of a better descriptor.
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A lot of students exhibit at art squats, especially so early on in their career. I've spent many a great evening wandering about some of these spaces, so they are worth seeking out.

This article has a list that (hopefully if they're not closed) will get you started.

In general don't be afraid to ask about, especially so if these squats are all closed; name drop so folks will know what you're looking for. These things tend to come and go so unless someone with more current knowledge contributes to this thread be prepared to invest some time. But asking around is a great way to meet folks!

Also check out La Miroiterie and Gallery Espace Ch√Ęteaudun (16 rue de Ch√Ęteaudun in the 9th, more a gallery than a squat).
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I remember reading about some artist's workshops that had been set up by the government in an old coffin factory.

Aha, here it is. Looks pretty cool.

Oh, you're in luck - there's a 3 day party on there this weekend. Have fun!
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Belleville is where you want to go. You are in luck because this weekend over 240 artists in Belleville open their studios to the public.
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Response by poster: Thanks - those are exactly the kind of answers I was looking for!
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