Seeking off-leash area between NC and Al
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Where can I stop to let my puppy run around between Asheville, NC and Birmingham, AL?

I'm taking a 5 day road trip from Vermont to Texas and the shortest leg is between Asheville and Birmingham this Thursday. Are there any parks or something not too far from 1-85 or 1-20 where I can let my dog run around for an hour or so? He's still young, so no dog parks or places where there would likely be unvaccinated dogs.
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Why not just pull over near some random empty field and let him run? Chances are the owner of the field won't know or care.
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Unless you're itching to see Atlanta, I-40, I-75 and I-59 via Knoxville and Chattanooga is marginally quicker than I-26, US 25, I-85 and I-20, and way prettier too. (Dogs aren't allowed unleashed in the Great Smokies National Park.)

If you do want to take the southern route, you can head out on US 74 then down US 441, which doesn't take longer than the interstate through SC. There are definitely "random field" locations along 441 either side of the NC-GA state line, and since it's not interstate, you could easily just stop at a gas station or store when the pooch is feeling stir-crazy and ask the locals.
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Best answer: Sandy Creek Park is roughly 15 miles off I-85 near Athens, GA. They have private (only one dog at a time) dog parks that can be rented for $1.00 per hour.
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Response by poster: Sandy Creek Park sounds awesome. Are there any good dog-friendly places to grab lunch in Athens after the park?
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Yes, The Grit and Big City Bread both have dog-friendly patios.
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My dogs, my husband and I got a good case of ticks at Sandy Creek Park. I don't want to go back.

We have had better luck at Pickneyville Park in Norcross, GA. It will be a short detour off 85, but no ticks. There is a small dog area and a large dog area, plus walking trails, doggy/people water fountains and the rest of the amentities you'd expect.

There's a Starbucks not too far, plus a Dairy Queen for after-park snacks.
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Ticks are common throughout the southeast. They are just a happy to crawl up your ankle as they are your dog's. I really doubt that you can count on a park in Norcross to have fewer ticks than a park in Athens.

Do you run? If so, why not stop and go for a run with your guy on leash? Not quite the same as a tear around a field, but close. You can shower later.
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