Seeking a quiet Tryst.
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Are there good coffeehouses for study/work on weekends in DC? I'm looking for someplace comfortable & quirky (not Starbucks) that isn't totally overrun -- think Tryst or B&P without the weekend mobs. Does such a place exist?
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Java Shack in Arlington (Courthouse or Clarendon on the Orange Line)?

The few times I've been to Teaism in Dupont Circle, it's been relatively chill, but I don't know if you'd want to study there.

Maybe the cafe at Politics and Prose if you got there early?

Cosis could always work if you appeared early, but again, might be overrun.
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And I know you said not Starbucks, so I can also see objections to Cosi on the same grounds. Apologies.
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I'm completely drawing a blank on the name right now, but there's a place at 18th and Willard (just south of U St/Florida Ave) that might work.
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Mayorga Coffee Factory in downtown Silver Spring is my most favorite place to study. It's very calm -- a comfortable place for work/homework and also a great place to people-watch. Great tea and coffee selection, and they also have a bar if you're in the mood for an alcoholic drink. At night it gets crowded as they have bands or shows.

Convenient to SS Metro (red).
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inigo2 is thinking of Jolt N' Bolt, which is pretty good. Steam on 17th st. has much more space, even on weekends, but it's not always the easiest place to study as far as lounging goes (there's just a big room with chairs and tables and not much ambiance). DC really could use a few more coffeeshops, the pickings are relatively slim.
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IF you don't mind going to (the horror!) VIRGINIA:

Misha's, Old Town Alexandria, if you want to go all the way out there. they don't have comfortable overstuffed chairs (just regular chairs and tables) but otherwise great.

St. Elmo's Mt Vernon is nice too.

In DC, you might try Illy Cafe in the Renaissance hotel on NH Ave and M St. Get a coffee at the counter and walk over to the lobby of the hotel (which is huge) - comfy chairs and tables there. Doesn't tend to get crowded in my experience though couldn't say if I've tried it on a Saturday afternoon.
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A lot of my friends who are in law school swear by Peregrine, which is an espresso shop near Eastern Market. Another option down there is the Port City Java cafe, though that's a bit on the noisier side.
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I was a big Tryst fan back when I spent the weekends studying at coffeeshops, but I know what you mean about the crowds. You'd have to drive, but I think Sidamo on H street NE fits the bill perfectly. I've never spent a chunk of time there, but one grad school friend used to drive about 45 minutes jsut to go to Sidamo to study. Gets 4.5 stars on Yelp, so others seem to agree.
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Relatively new and still kind of finding its way, but Bread and Brew near Dupont is pretty nice. No big cozy chairs, but low-key for the most part. There's a more restaurant-ish section downstairs with a bar. Food and coffee are good.

I've only been there a couple of times and the second and it doesn't seem like it gets particularly crowded for the most part (one Saturday, we were basically the only people there).
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There's a Mayorga in Columbia Heights now. And if you're willing to go to Takoma Park (last station in the district!), there's Savory which is a 10 minute walk from the metro. I think both places have wifi.

I'm also a huge fan of hotel lobbies.
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what is your fav hotel lobbies?

/any suggestions for how to get it to work studying there?

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Tryst is hit or miss. I usually am able to get a seat on weekends. Today it was kinda deserted.
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Seconding the Mayorga in CH - it's right at 14th and Irving, in the old theater. It's got a really nice Mediterranean atrium feel, and there's always a table. Free wifi and plenty of outlets, too.
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Unfortunately, Foster Brothers in Cleveland Park recently closed. I don't know if it's relocated elsewhere.
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Seconding St. Elmos in Alexandria. It's usually pretty quiet, work-ey, or at least it was 3 years ago when I lived there.
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