Grumpy NYC Street Photographer?
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Looking for an NPR video about an aggressive NYC street photographer.

Some time within the last six months, I saw an NPR video about a man in NYC who photographs pedestrians. His style was very aggressive: he'd conceal his camera and flash until he was within a foot of his subject, then go in very quickly for a close-up. He's an older guy and he's been doing this at least since the 1970's. His demeanor was decidedly crotchety in the style of the stereotypical New Yorker.

I've been googling around for this story (which I could swear I found on MeFi originally) with no luck. Anyone have any ideas?

(I ask because I saw him working in Times Square today and followed him around for a while.)
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I don't know the NPR thing, but the photographer sounds like Bruce Gilden, which may help to find the piece.
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Best answer: Is this it?
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Response by poster: Yes! That's wonderful, thank you.
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Here's a link to Bruce Gilden's work.
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Response by poster: Here's the thread I recognized him from.

I had a nice little conversation with him after I watched him shoot. My favorite part:

"I saw the Times piece on you, the video?"
"The Times? Oh, no, NPR."
"Right! NPR."
"That wasn't a very good piece."
"Your photographs are excellent."
"Yeah, the photos are all right I guess."
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I love Bruce Gilden.

Especially in the "post 9/11" world it's so refreshing to see somebody just going out there and documenting what's happening with no Photoshopping, no enhanced production values; in the just taking pictures mode.

I mean, after all, the camera doesn't really steal the subject's soul. It just preserves an image.
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