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Good Extended Stay Hotels / Suites in Tucson, AZ this summer?

My wife and I are spending 23 days in Tucson, AZ. She will be taking a class at U of A and I will be working on my dissertation from "home".

Since I am going to be working out of wherever we stay, I wanted a furnished and quiet extended stay hotel room or suite. Sublets are a little cheaper, but kinda a crap-shoot in my opinion (plus, it is hard to find a sublet for less than a month).

Does anyone have recommendations for good and cheapish ($30-$40 per night) extended stay hotels or suites in Tucson, AZ for July?

Thanks in advance!
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If you'll be in Tucson for the summer there is no reason you should be paying anything - housesit. You'll have much nicer digs and it's way easier to write a dissertation when you're comfortable (and have reliable air conditioning).

My suggestion is to log into craigslist saying what you're looking for, note the dates you'll be there and say you're good at taking care of things. You should be able to find a housesitting gig easy peasy. Most people leave Tucson during the summer - particularly professors.

If you really want to pay, sublets are not that bad, particularly if you're willing to pay $900/mo. Look for professors/grad students and you should find nice places. You could easily get something much nicer than a hotel room for that much. Like a house. With a pool.

memail me if you want more advice.
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I live in Tucson. I have sent you an MeMail.
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Yeah, you should be able to find someone looking for a short-time gig.

Most people get the fuck out of Dodge when summer hits in Tux, because I mean, Christ, it's Tucson. (Sorry, bove!)

So there are a lot of rentals with no one in them in the summer, lots of folks will take anything.

Make sure you get something air conditioned and not just swamp/evap cooled--do NOT believe them that it's "basically just as good"!!!!
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You might be able to get something by U of A. Once June hits, anyone who can leave does. Sure, it's a dry heat, but people who say that often don't understand how the heat soaks into everything here, and the students and retirees get the hell out. Landlords are often happy to get some sort of income at all during summer months. Swamp cooling is fine as long as the house also has AC - during the dry weather swamp boxes are awesome, but they're useless once the monsoons hit.

Slightly off topic - hmmm, might have enough for a Tucson meetup...
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