Speak to me of real life superheroes.
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real life superheroes? (lesser 'heroes' need not apply)

im trying to find info on real life superheroes like chinese gangbusters or this JJ Armes fellow, or this mexican corporate criminal buster that i heard about. Basically im looking for batman-esque superheroes, i dont expect anything else. Just superior physical abilities and maybe some gadgets, and an awesome crime fighting recrord. Once i find out about them they can be my new heroes. Maybe yours too!
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I think the Mexican you're thinking of is Super Barrio.
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Angle Grinder Man
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Doesn't really fight crime, but this guy is AWESOME.
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Response by poster: no asian gangbusters? well the guy i heard about lives in Ontario now because he had to leave China after taking out (read assassinating) too many Triad bosses in the 70s. Hes a crazy kung-fu old guy nicknamed the iron fist, b/c he has, well, an iron fist from punching a plate of iron all day since he was a kid. My friend took some lessons with him and he would tell stories of his gangbusting days. he wouldnt discuss the gory details, but would later say that he was capable of tearing a persons limbs off, be that head or arms... bring me the one they call 'iron fist'... in action figure form, please.
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