Bright lights, dead Bose cd
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How do I run a Bose Lifestyle 12 system with a replacement (non-Bose) cd player?

Lightening fried the original cd player in a Bose Lifestyle 12 system. After the strike, the radio within the cd unit still worked, but not the cd player function itself. (We no longer have the Bose cd unit as the damage was claimed on insurance.) We want to be able to play cds through the amp/speaker system again.

The Bose cd player had three leads going to the amp combined into one loom - two for the signal and one 'control' lead which sent the info to the amp regarding which device - cd, radio, aux etc - was being used.

Anyone have any advice has to how we can use a non-Bose cd player and 'tell' the amp that a cd unit is being played? We've been trying other cd players, plugging the signal leads into the audio-out jacks but we ain't getting nuthin' cos there is no 'control' jack on non-Bose cd units. We think it's a switching problem, and we believe there is a solution. Do you know it?

FYI: We are familiar with audio equipment in general and are able solder etc.
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Best answer: Near as I can tell from the manuals, the head unit (the rounded silver box) for the Lifestyle 12 contained all the controls for the 'acousitmass' amplifier (black 'amp' box), connecting via a cable with a eight-pin plug on the amplifier end and two RCA plugs and a data plug (5 pins?) on the end of the head unit?

Short answer: No easy solution as far as I can tell - Found lots of people asking for pinouts, no replies, not even at, my normal goto place for these things. Apparently the Acoustimass wiring changes from version to version of the BOSE units.

If you're comfortable digging around in the acoustimass(maybe with the help of some schematics) trying to figure out a way to lobotomize it into 'always on' mode, it may be as simple as crossing two wires on the data cable, or applying some voltage - On the other hand, it may be as complex as requiring some sort of data handshake between the head unit and the amp, in which case your best bet might be to buy a replacement, or put the Acoustimass and speakers up on eBay (They go for $200+, near as I can tell) and put the money toward a sound system that plays well with other people's equipment.
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Response by poster: Thanks Orb2069, this was very helpful information.
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