Travel walking routes?
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What are some established walking routes for tourists around the world?

I know about the Camino de Santiago and light trekking in Nepal. What are some other established walking routes for tourists around the world? Bonus points if it's a route (like the Camino) rather than a set of trails.
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Do you mean things like the Appalachian Trail? Because there are several similar trails in the U.S. and Canada -- Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, North Country Trail.
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Or perhaps the Freedom Trail?
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The West Highland Way, Scotland.
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What designates a trail or route for tourists instead of locals? Are you looking for walks that take someone past key points in local history, or specific scenes of local interest?
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The European Rambler's Association has a list of major long distance routes.
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Hadrian's Wall, England.
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There's the London Loop which is 150 miles round London.
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In Ontario there is the Waterfront Trail for 900 km through cities, towns and countryside. It also hooks up to the Bruce Trail which is a almost entirely forested/farmland along the edge of the escarpment.
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The Pacific Crest Trail. But it's not for the faint of heart, or the fat of butt. It's an extreme challenge.
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The C&O Canal?
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New Zealand has its ten Great Walks which are a series of multi-day hikes (or tramps as they are called in NZ). The Great Walks are spread across the country, and are not linked as such, but travel between them is not that difficult given the size of the country. Some of these walks are set up specifically in mind for tourists (in terms of upgraded facilities, options to have your gear carried for you to the next hut, etc.). I've done 3 of them myself.

One of the Great Walks actually is actually a multi-day river journey, with walks possible along the way.
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There are shorter ones all over the place. For instance, the Larch Mountain trail.

This web site I just ran into lists hundreds of those.
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The Lyke Wake Walk in North Yorkshire is more hiking than tourism, but it's beautiful country.
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Via Dolorosa? (apologies to all the pilgrims that I just called "tourists.")
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The Inca trail is more of a hike than a walk but may be of interest in this category.
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The Lebanon Mountain Trail is pretty new. A group of 6 finished a complete through-walk recently and blogged about it.
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The many variants of the Camino de Santiago!
The map on that page shows some of the main routes, but one can start the "pilgrimage" from a number of points farther afield, such as Rome, Paris, Canterbury or Cologne. Here's the site for the French portion of the route (only in French, I'm afraid). Also in France there are the Grand Randonees in France. A thorough, but hard to sift through website is found here. In the UK, they have many Long Distance Paths. See the Long Distance Walkers Association site or the Ramblers site. the Ramblers also has links showing paths and trails in other countries.
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Another famous pilgrimage ends in Trondheim, Norway.
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I'll second the Pacific Crest Trail and add the Tahoe Rim Trail, if you're on the West Coast USA. You don't have to hike the whole length of either (but if you do have a fat butt, it will definately be smaller when you're done).

I had a blast hiking the South Coast Track in Tasmania years ago, as well as the Overland Track.
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