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When laying a concrete curb, does a rut need to be dug to sink part of the curb?
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I think we need more info.
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If you're asking if part of the total curb pour should extend below the grade of the street, driveway, sidealk or whatever that's adjacent to it, then the answer is yes. Ideally, the curb (and possibly gutter, if you're doing it that way) should extend below grade as much as the adjacent concrete does, and the two should be pinned together. You can pin them either by using sleeves in the first pour which will receive rebar dowels that extend into the second pour, or by drilling into the first pour after it's set up, then driving the dowels into the hardened concrete. This will allow for lateral mocement, while preventing vertical separation.
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Curbs have to be designed for certain elevations. Their primary function is to move water from the street to storm water inlets. So they have to be designed so that the water will flow and not puddle. In some cases this means that the existing ground needs to removed and in other cases more fill must be added to the existing ground. It depends on the conditions on the site so basically, "we need more info"....
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If merely making a barrier, for, say, cars to bump up against, you can go with an extruded concrete curb.

But if you are channeling water, or demarcating a change in elevation, then you need a "full depth" curb. Specifications can be found in the Uniform Building Code, or other local governing codes.
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If the curb is attached to concrete pavement with steel dowels, then it does not need to be sunk. If the curb is not attached, then it would be better to have it both on top of, and next to, the pavement (yes to sunk).

If your curb has no concrete pavement, but is used like a garden border, then it should be sunk below the grade so that it is not pushed around by the lawn mower, etc.

How deep you sink your curb depends on the type of soil you have, the depth of frost you get, how rough the service, and how long you want it to last.

Please provide a bit more info.
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