Time outs sending emails to gmail using IMAP
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How do I stop Outlook / Thunderbird timing out when pushing emails to Gmail via IMAP?

I have folders containing up to 22,000 emails that I'd like to move from Outlook / Thunderbird to Gmail. I've tried the GML tool, and uploading via IMAP, and though IMAP seems the way forward (because it can replicate the folder structure too) it times out after uploading about 600 emails.
Although I could just send messages in 500s, the idea of doing this SO many times fills me with dread! Does anybody know how to stop IMAP timing out, or of some way to upload them (and their folder structure) more quickly?
I've got 1.3mb/s upload and fast PC, so connection speed shouldn't be a problem.
Thanks in advance,
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When I did something similar it was a matter of send in small batches or send not at all. It may not sound like fun, but unless anyone else has a better idea looks like you're stuck uploading a bit at a time. Even on a gigabit connection - dedicated bandwidth, not shared with anyone else - I had timeouts when sending large numbers of files or repeated requests. Send them in small batches, one folder at a time, and wait for completion before sending the next batch.
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Best answer: Could this be it?

I have found in every configuration TB 1.5 works fine over clear text, but over ssl it will speradically have "Time out" errors.

I've also found forum posts where folks claim that turning on SSL will fix the problem.

You can also increase the timeouts in Outlook
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Response by poster: Just tried again from Outlook with the longer (10 minute) timeout, and it's already uploaded 6000 emails! Much better - thank you very much!

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