Hostelling in Miami Beach, theft-free
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MiamiFilter: At the end of May, as part of a longer trip, I will be spending a couple of days in Miami, I will be staying at a hostel in Miami Beach. This is my first hostelling experience and I am a bit concerned about theft of my belongings since one of the hostel reviews I've read indicate there may not always be enough lockers for all the guests (I chose it for location and social aspects). I will also have to park a rental car, probably in a municipal parking garage. Is it safe to leave some clothes/stuff in the car? How big is car crime in this area? Finally, I've read various tips online about how to survive the hostel experience, but any specific tips applicable to Miami would be appreciated.
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Best answer: Do you mean this one?

I stayed there last september, and never felt unsafe there. The lockers in the room lock with a single-dial lock, but have a hole through which you can put your own padlock.

The carpark nearby is next to the Miami Beach police station, if that's any consolation. I wouldn't leave my laptop etc. in the car there, but I never felt unsafe at all.

Enjoy your trip!
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The only time I had stuff stolen from me in a hostel was in Montreal during the Grand Prix, and I had left my backpack under my bed. It turns out some moron forgot to lock the door to our room at night after using the restroom, and someone from another room had come in. I woke up, but not fast enough to catch the guy. I've stayed in hostels over 40 nights during college travels, and that was the only problem I ever had. No biggie. Except for a 6am rendition of Mort Seinfeld screaming "MY WALLET'S GONE!".

Just keep all your valuables out of sight, and preferably with you. Depending on how the beds are set up, you can just put them between you and the wall. Or use the locker. Better yet, don't bring expensive crap, and sleep with your wallet in a pair of shorts.

I think your chances are very that you won't have any problems to begin with, but if you take some common sense steps, you will be fine.
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If you leave your valuables in your car, keep them in the trunk. Keeping them out of sight of most thieves goes a long way.
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Best answer: As general hostelling advice, if at all possible restrict any valuables you carry to what you can keep on your person. Wallet, camera, watch and phone for example. You can keep these with you during the day, and sleep with them either under your pillow, or in a jacket or pair of trousers between you and the wall. Try and make anything else you have - books, clothes, toileteries, bags etc - cheap and expendable.
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Another general rule of hosteling: Meet the people you room with and you stay with. Lowers chances of theft because they watch your back. You should have a good time
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Best answer: Mini-locks to prevent people from rooting around in your bag.
Cable lock to prevent people from taking your bag out of your room (loop it through the shoulder straps and a bed post or something similar).
Wire mesh net if you're really worried.
Money belt keeps your cash and passport with you at all times.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. I had a great time there.
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