Buying a left-hand-drive car from the UK?
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What is the best way to buy a left-hand-drive car given that I live in the UK?

I am planning to move to France in the next several months. However I would like to replace my car sooner than that - an LHD car would seem to be a good option. I would probably be interested in second hand rather than new. Probably a small family car. Have an existing 1999 car to trade.
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Best answer: In 2002/2003 I spent every other week in Paris (a woman was involved), and even though EuroStar is pretty cheap I researched left hand drive cars in order to reduce commuting costs and plan for an possible move. Never did business with any of these folks, but did chat with them and these were the firms that I bookmarked (as opposed to those that sounded dodgy).

XPAT Cars, LHD in the UK, LHD Auto Centre.

I'm not recommending any of these firms but they did sound the most reasonable. All claimed to have left hand drive cars in stock. Not sure from their web sites if they'll accept a right hand drive car, you shouldn't have much of a problem selling that vehicle to another dealer.
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There are a number of used US car dealers around Mildenhall / Barton Mills (up M11/A11 about an hour north of M25). They cater to the US service population up there. I'm sorry I don't know any names, but one is situation right at the 5-way roundabout as you come to the Elveden forest and I recall seeing another one as you drive up the A1065.
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My dad bought a UK registered left-hand-drive car from a private seller via eBay.

You wouldn't be able to trade in your current car, but you could sell that on eBay too!
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Search for "LHD" (sorry, site down at the minute so no link possible.)
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Autotrader working now. (Apart from the "LHD" keyword, the only other filter I've put on is a minimum price to remove a lot of spurious adverts.)

I would expect LHD cars to be much less desireable and hence much cheaper in the UK.
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Response by poster: Many thanks all. It looks like getting an LHD car opens the way to some potential bargains. I shall try to post an update of how it goes here.
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