When were women Colonels first upgraded in rank upon retirement?
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Military retirement policy: When did the US Army reverse it's policy of not upgrading women who served actively as Colonels to Brigadier Generals upon retirement? (They have always have done so for men).

I know that the first woman General was 1971, but women were not automatically bumped up in rank at that time. I'm asking because my Aunt served as a Colonel, wasn't bumped up, was kind of pissed when the rules changed sometime after she retired. She's still alive, and I'm wondering if I can initiate an appeal to get her pay grade updated.
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The Army Review Boards Agency seems like the place to start. You personally probably won't be able to initiate an appeal, but I would think she could.

Also, anyone that stays career enlisted is crazy. I have no idea how 1SGs and above even exist.
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Might want to contact US Army Human Resources Command for some more answers. Though I agree with kavasa that if anyone can appeal, it would have to be your aunt.
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Response by poster: Also, anyone that stays career enlisted is crazy

I'd have to be crazy to enlist at all, but I must say as a senior officer she is pretty well taken care of in her retirement. Her pension/SS is over $6000 per month, and she is in a retirement facilty, I think it's called Allenwood, in Washington, that is unbelievably posh.

Now she's moved into a kind of intensive care, in a large private room, decorated with all her furniture like an apartment, but her expenses exceed her income. She's 93 and can afford to go on like this for a year or two, but then might have to scale back a bit.

She still eats in the dining room with senators and 4 star generals. I'll have to say that these senior officers of that era are a pretty good looking bunch of oldsters, especially the ladies.
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Response by poster: Also, I have power of attorney, perhaps that's enough to initiate something. Herself, having managed an entire department at Walter Reed, she's pretty opposed to "bothering the staff."
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