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I love slang and colloquialisms. Where can I go to pick up more?

I'm very into slang and colloquialisms and will often make up my own in the middle of conversation. I'm interested in exposing myself to more via the internet. Where are some places I can go to pick up more? Urban Dictionary is alright, but I don't like its browsing system. I am less interested in non-American slang (including British slang). I remember there being some other sites kind of similar to Urban Dictionary where people would coin new words and vote on them, or something like that.
Also, slang dictionaries (the ones you buy in bookstores) are generally extremely outdated and contain phrases that I don't even consider to be slang anymore.
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Online Slang Dictionary
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Did you see this previous AskMeFi thread?
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Response by poster: The Online Slang Dictionary looks great! That previous AskMeFi thread isn't really what I'm looking for, that's all old phrases and nothing fresh.
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Check out Straight from the Fridge, Dad: A Dictionary of Hipster Slang. It is, as they say, solid, Jackson. (The phrases are almost certainly outdated, but they're still awesome.)
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Oh, and for the freshest Internet slang and colloquialisms—AKA memes—nothing's better than The Encyclopedia Dramatica.
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David Mamet movies are full of slang. So much so that I can't watch them, but Mamet is supposed to be obsessive about language. Heist especially so.
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How about In 'n Out Burger's Hidden Menu? Does that count?
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The best source for new slang is hip-hop. Listen to some Lil' Wayne, Cam'ron, maybe a little Wu-Tang; you'll pick up some ridiculous things to say that nobody else will be able to understand. (I know, because I do this.)
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