Record player in need of repair
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Please recommend a shop that will fix my old record player here in the Bay Area.

I have an old Newcomb record player (Model EDT-12C, like this one here) and it's starting to spin slighter faster than it should and the sound needs to be improved.

Can anyone recommend a place, somewhere in the Bay Area, where I can bring it in to get serviced?

Or would it just be cheaper to get a new record player...

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I was going to say The Soundwell on University Ave. in Berkeley but apparently they are now doing only limited repair service. Still might be worth stopping by if it's near you, otherwise the recommendation they give on the linked page is probably a good bet.
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Rooky Ricardos in the Lower Haight repairs and sells turntables. The turntable guy is only there on Sunday afternoons, though.
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When I needed a new stylus I got one at Grooves (on Market near Octavia, lots of colored vinyl in the windows). Don't know if they do repairs, but they could probably point you in the right direction if they don't. Repairs could be a hassle, tho... might be worth getting a new turntable.
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If you decide it isn't worth the expense to repair, I highly recommend Needle Doctor; we had fantastic service from them a few months ago when upgrading our turntable. Their staff are friendly, patient, and helpful. Their budget turntables can be found here.
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