Any GPFS gurus out there?
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Grasping at straws here: have you successfully configured GPFS to operate in a multicluster environment?

We're running GPFS and are running into some issues trying to get it to operate in multicluster mode, in which one GPFS cluster mounts filesystems from an unrelated GPFS cluster. We're following IBM's documentation (e.g., this) and everything looks great except we're unable to complete the mount operation. The log messages haven't been terribly helpful. This is on the "client" (the system initiating the mount request):

server refused connection because it is not configured to accept connections from the IP address .... Ensure the local nodes name services is returning the same IP address which the host os configued to use for GPFS communication.

The client is contacting the server over a shared private network (e.g., 10.x.x.x address space). Both systems also have public (routeable) addresses. We've tried all sorts of permutations of the subnets setting.
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Sorry, nothing GPFS-specific here, and apologies if you've already tried this stuff, but:

- Are the client and the server in the same actual subnet? Are they communicating with each other over the public IP? If they are in the same subnet, is the client using a hostname for the server that resolves to its public IP? Is there NAT in between? Is the server side automatically binding to the public IP? Does either the client or the server have a bad netmask?

- Are other clients mounting the same server okay? Can you build a fresh machine and use it only as a GPFS client to that one server, as a test? Can you build a fresh server and mount it from your fresh client? If so, gradually copy over the settings from your production machines until something breaks.

- Break out Wireshark or another analyzer on the client and see what's going on on the wire. This is the only way you can really know which IPs they're using to communicate, which I would bet is where the problem is coming from.
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