What is this book about a viral outbreak apocalypse?
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Name this book, I thought it was a Stephen King book, but going through a list of his books, I couldn't pick it out. Basic story line: A group of people traveling through the northeast after some sort of outbreak that turned folks into mostly zombie types, who initially only come out at night... There's a residential school that some of the travelers come from (boy's school?). One individual is searching for his wife and son who may or may not be infected.. The group is looking for sanctuary....... They arrive at a huge gathering of the "zombies", there's a bomb involved at the end... Someone PLEASE tell me what this book was!
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Best answer: The Cell
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I think it's The Stand.
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Best answer: It's Cell by Stephen King. The bomb scene is in the middle of the book.
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Best answer: That's definitely The Cell.
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Response by poster: yep..it's the cell... I did NOT recognize that title...

thanks folks....

And, The Stand is similar, but I've read that twenty times and have it memorized!

damn, you guys are good!
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for the record, I don't believe there's a the - it's just cell.
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firei is absolutely correct. It's just Cell.
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Response by poster: firei...You seem to be correct... thanks
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Damn, I was going to guess The Stand! M-o-o-n, that spells moon.
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Also theres a movie that is basically the same thing called "the signal" not awsome but if you like one youll like the other
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Cell gave me nightmares! Which is odd, because I don't think it's the best King book by a longshot.
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Wow, anyone notice the plot similarities to I Am Legend (the movie)? From your description above, it sounds like the movie was based more on The Cell than it was on the original novel!
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