Lies and damning statistics
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Is there a site which keeps track of what politicians have said, and flagged up instances where what they have said was a falsehood at the time of speaking? Preferably UK-centric.
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In the US, Politifact does something similar to what you're asking with their Truth-O-Meter, with a special focus on President Obama with their Obameter. The only downside is that the coverage isn't comprehensive.
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Unfortunately US-based again but also does this. It's run by the Annenberg Public Policy Center, an NGO that seems to work in cooperation with universities. Perhaps following those sort of leads - public policy organizations and universities - is the tack to take to find something similar for the UK?
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Channel 4 have a bit of their website called FactCheck. I think it's exactly what you're looking for - it picks out politicians' statements and assesses them for veracity, and keeps track of promises to see how many are actually kept. I haven't read it much since the last general election, but a quick glance just now looks like it's still going.
How ratings work

Every time a FactCheck article is published we'll give it a rating from zero to five.

The lower end of the scale indicates that the claim in question largerly checks out, while the upper end of the scale suggests misrepresentation, exaggeration, a massaging of statistics and/or language.

In the unlikely event that we award a 5 out of 5, our factcheckers have concluded that the claim under examination has absolutely no basis in fact.
I always struck me as pretty even-handed; a quick google turns up a lot of traditionally Tory sources saying they like it (Spectator, etc), but that imbalance is presumably because Labour are currently a bigger target.

If you don't already, consider looking through the Private Eye website. I'm sure you already know, but it's a political journalism/gossip/satire magazine. They don't have the exact service you're looking for, but searching their archive for a specific politician's name is bound to turn up all sorts of (alleged) exposed lies and indiscretions.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys - I guess I was hoping for something more explicitly "X said this, did this", but those are good starts.

If anyone has any more, please write!
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