Why can a VMware VM (running XP) configured in host-only mode see other machines on the host's domain in the network browser?
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I'm running VMWare Server on Windows XP with a VM also running XP. The VM's networking configuration has been set to host-only mode. I have disabled automatic bridging and the NAT service in the VMWare Virtual Network Settings. Why can I still see the host domain and other machines on the domain from within the VM's network browser, and how do I prevent this? I would like to have network access between the host and the VM, but nothing beyond that.
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Do you have internet connection sharing running on the host machine?
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When you say you can see other machines on the network, do you mean just their names show up in the network browser, or you can actually access them? I'm just wondering if the host computer is somehow acting as a master browser for that virtual network, and handing out a list of all other computers the host machine knows about, but that your VM can't actually reach via the virtual network.

If it's not that, then it would be interesting to see what a traceroute from the VM to one of the "should be unreachable" machines shows. Does it show the host machine as one of the intermediate hops?
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Response by poster: It does look like I can only see these machines, not connect to them. So, my next question would be, how do I prevent them from even showing up? Is there a service I need to disable on the host machine?

Internet connection sharing is not running on the host machine.
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Best answer: I suspect if you disable the "Computer Browser" service on the host machine, and then reboot it, that'll do the trick.
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Response by poster: Disabling the Computer Browser service was the ticket -- thanks!
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