Looking for a site that generates domain name suggestions using domain extensions in neat ways
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There's a site out there that generates domain name suggestions using whatever it can to spell out the domain (including domain extensions). i.e. if you wanted the domain name "awesome" it would suggest something like "awe.so/me". I remember it had a sweet web 2.0-type layout, but that's about it. Anyone know of it (or any other ones)?
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Domain Pigeon?
posted by limon at 9:09 PM on April 23, 2009

Best answer: domainr
posted by ttyn at 9:19 PM on April 23, 2009

Response by poster: Thanks for your help guys! Domainr was the one I was thinking of, but Domain Pigeon is pretty sweet. Thanks again!
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The earliest one I encountered was Xona's domain hacks according to my delicious - that said, the domain isn't resolving right now for me, which may be indicative of my internet connection flaking out, or the site's demise.
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