What are your favorite Game Gear games?
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What are your favorite Sega Game Gear games?
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Sonic, Columns.

Sorry to be so boring.
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I remember really liking Ren and Stimpy: Quest for the Shaven Yak as a quirky platformer.

That was 10+ years ago though, so I can't guarantee that I haven't built it up to be something better than it actually was.
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The only games I ever had on my Game Gear were Sonic and World Series Baseball. Loved 'em both.
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Sonic, World Series Baseball, and Jurassic Park. I'd love to see what that TV tuner cartridge looked like too -- I coveted that thing as a teenager.
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columns and revenge of drancon. i also loved the master system converter allowing me to play phantasy star i on the go.
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Sonic, of course! And I remember playing Mortal Kombat a lot.
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i loved Dragon Crystal. i picked it up in a drugstore discount bin and it became my favourite game.

Ristar was alright, but kind of boring after a while.
Sonic was fun, and what i played most before i got Dragon Crystal (Sonic came with it, as did the World Series game).
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1. Sonic! (The answer's boring by now but hey, it was a good game)
2. The puzzle game with the stacky and movy bits where you are like a little prince creature and have to rescue the princessy creature at the top of the pile. Name's like... popple, or something.

ECCO on the other hand was a pain in the ass. It was hard even to start the game, let alone play it!
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Baku Baku and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine are high on my list.

I think that because of the not-so-good-by-current-standards screen on the Game Gear, genres like puzzle games and reissue retro games are often the most fun.

I mean, Gunstar Heroes is a great game, and Road Rash is a good one, but neither one's a very good Game Gear game. Games like Ms. Pac-Man or Klax or Columns doesn't suffer so much in the translation.
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I didn't own a lot of Game Gear games, but I really liked Ristar. It was nice and colorful with fairly imaginative locations, a bubbly soundtrack, and some interesting momentum-based gameplay.
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Sonic 2, especially the first level, was effing hard for a Sonic game. I'm not sure if it was the most fun, but it was the most memorable because I spent so much damn time trying to beat it.
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There was a Shining Force game for the Game Gear. (I like tactical RPGs, and this was of the same caliber as the others of its time.)

Also, Sonic.
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Baku Baku Animal, it's like Tetris but much different and a lot of fun.

Other than that: Sonic, Bubble Bobble ...

Most of the Gamegear games were pretty weak, you're better off playing the Genesis (Mega Drive) or Arcade versions of these, if you can.
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There was some star trek the next generation game that I played the hell out of. Also, a Star Wars sidescroller.
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Might have to dig mine out and see if it still works.

Many were on other systems but I loved Chuck Rock, Double Dragon, Ecco The Dolphin, Mortal Kombat II, Halley Wars, Alladin, Streets of Rage, Cool Spot, Castle of Illusion, The Lion King and of course Sonic 2.
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Marble madness!
....and Sonic.
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I owned a pile of very forgettable Game Gear games. Jurassic Park, Dracula, some Golf game, a Mortal Kombat or two. There's a lot of bad ports.

The gold were the three or four Sonics, I think I played Sonic 2 more than the other two (1 and... Sonic Chaos?) But it was Shinobi II that I played the most. A good puzzley, fighty ninja platformer.
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The Shining Force game for the GG (different from the ones for the Genesis) is quite good. Not as much depth as II for the Genesis but if you like Shining Force worth playing

Dragon Crystal is very cool and replayable. It is essentially a lightweight rougelike game - random levels and all.

If you like breakout / arkanoid style games then Devilish is a good pick. It is a breakout style game with a lot of bells and whistles (scrolling levels, lots of powerups etc...)

Crystal Warrios is another SRPG like Shining Force. It is a much harder game but if you like the genre quite good.
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If you're an RPG fan, Defenders of Oasis was a very decent game. It had a Final Fantasy-like style to it and, though it didn't have any stand-out original features and was on the short side time wise, it was well put together and entertaining. One of the few good RPGs for the system, in my opinion.

Good platformers were already mentioned, but I'll also put my vote in on the Sonic games and Ecco the Dolphin.
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In addition to Ecco the Dolphin and Sonic, I also played Battletoads a lot.

(I also had a game called Cosmic Spacehead that I played a lot too, but mostly because I found it infuriatingly difficult -- I was six, give me a break.)
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