How to speed up video files?
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How do I speed up AVI video files by 35% ?

I use an audio editing app called GoldWave to speed up MP3s (great for podcasts). Using the "Time Warp" effect, I can increase the tempo while keeping the pitch the same (so people don't sound like chipmunks).

Is it possible to do this with videos?
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Best answer: Suggestions, links, and comments here.

Summary: Re-encoding is probably not necessary, there are players for every major platform that can handle this.
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Best answer: VLC and Media Player Classic (Home Cinema, or not) do this, and Mplayer should as well.
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Best answer: You can do this with VirtualDub and Audacity/GoldWave. It is not a one step process.

It goes something like this:
1 Open your video in VirtualDub
2 File> Export> Raw Audio and export the audio
3 Video> Frame Rate> look at the current frame rate number, and calculate what a 35% increase would be. Change the frame rate to that. (If your frame rate is 25fps change it to 34 fps)
4 Video> Direct Stream Copy
5 Audio> No Audio
6 File> Save as AVI
7 Open your new AVI and see how long it is (down to the millisecond).
8 Use Audacity/GoldWave to change the length of your exported audio to the length of the AVI.
9 Open your new faster AVI in VirtualDub
10 Audio> Audio From Other File select the new faster audio track.
11 Video> Direct Stream Copy
12 6 File> Save as AVI

(You will probably have to play with this to make it work perfectly.)
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Can Soundforge do it?
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Response by poster: I had to update VLC and enable a plugin, but it works great. Thanks.
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