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We have a drupal site. Had to move to a new host. Drupal is all gibbled now. I don't know drupal, I have inherited the site maintenance. Any chance someone knows wtf I did wrong?

Our old host (Bryght) is shutting down so I got a new host. Bryght gave me a backup and I moved everything over.

Our Bryght site is still up so I wanted to test on our new site which is currently http://www##.ourhost.com/~ourname. The content is there but the CSS is not. It keeps claiming index.php doesn't exist if I try http://www##.ourhost.com/~ourname/drupal, but if I pop in http://www##.ourhost.com/~ourname/index.php it shows up (albeit without CSS or drupal template).

The links keep wanting to go to http://www##.ourhost.com/linkedpage instead of http://www##.ourhost.com/~ourname/linkedpage.

Basically it's finding the tables and the content, but nothing that makes our site look like our site and I can't move from page to page.

What did I do wrong? How can I set this up so it works? I'm out of my league here, I think.
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(Hey, don't be afraid to hire one of us starving Drupal administrators - it's not that expensive.)

Try changing your '$base_url' inside of your 'settings.php' at [drupal installed location]/sites/default/settings.php.

If your Drupal install is getting confused about where the 'base' actually is, this will give it the information it needs.
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your web host may not have php files set as indexes in apache either

you may need to add this to an .htaccess file in the document root (or add a file with that name and this line if there isn't one already

DirectoryIndex index.php index.html
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Response by poster: Thanks - I have tried suggestion #1 already, I'll take a look at the apache suggestion and see what it does.

Thanks for helping!
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