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I want to import the GunGrave series of DVDs. Can anyone tell if the series is finished or still ongoing? Also how many episodes and/or DVDs are there in total?

I was hoping to pick up a boxed set probably from the US, region unimportant so long as it has the original Japanese with English subtitles. But the only boxed sets I've seen on Ebay seem like they might be bootlegs.

So if a boxed set isn't available I'll pick them up individually from the same website. So any suggestions as to reliable US based DVD sites would be great as well.
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Best answer: According to ANN (my fav gen info anme site) there are 26 episode and there have been two dvd's released within the last year (i believe episodes 1-6). You can pick them both up from amazon.
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Best answer: you can either pick up the original japanese dvds (region 2, NO english sub) for ~$60 per disc (2 eps) or the us versions (region 1, japanese audio, english subs) for ~$20 per disc (4 eps).

I recommend deepdiscountdvd and dvdplanet/kencranes. or cdjapan if you want the region 2s.

the japanese dvds will be releasing episodes 21-22 next month, whereas the us dvds are only up to ep16 I think.

er, it's also fairly available on bittorrent, but I imagine it's rather gauche to mention so.
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oh and the link to the GunGrave page is here. Also, there is package on Amazon where you can buy vol 1 or 2 and the box, since the entire series has yet to be released.
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Some episodes are available at for about $54 each (free shipping) but I don't think they're subtitled.
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Response by poster: That was a great help everyone, thanks!
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