Access Hyphenated JSON Elements Using Javascript
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How to parse JSON elements with hyphens with javascript?

I am trying to embed tumblr posts to an existing website. Their API includes a JSON response to be used for javascript. However, when trying to access elements with hyphens (i.e. tumblr_api_read.posts[0].photo-caption), Javascript parses the hyphen as a minus, and returns NaN as the result.

How do I access the hyphenated elements, or escape the "-"?

Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: Objects are essentially hash tables in Javascript (see the Objects section here); you can access the property with tumblr_api_read.posts[0]["photo-caption"].
posted by enn at 8:25 PM on April 21, 2009

In Javascript,

is the same thing as


You can use the latter form to access properties whose names are not themselves valid Javascript variable names.
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Response by poster: Thanks enn! That did it, I kept trying various versions of tumblr_api_read.posts[0]."photo-caption", tumblr_api_read.posts[0].["photo-caption"], etc. Didn't think to exclude the .
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