where is my iHUD?
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I'm looking for an iphone app to have open while my iphone is docked/charging, either as eyecandy or as an information display.

Right now, I'm using just FlipClock. I'm looking for other ideas. Obviously I don't need another app that just a clock. But something like a HUD would be awesome. Something like igoogle. Baring that, any suggestions for docked apps would be interesting.

If it matters, I am jailbroken.

I like my phone being an info portal and having apps that I can check for updates throughout the day. I have twitter, I have weather, I have geocaching, I have facebook, mint, usa today, ebay, appsniper and bargainbin, movies, itv, coupon sherpa, yowza.

I want more information!
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For eye candy, Koi Pond? Does that stay open? I love Koi Pond but I can't remember if it will auto-close without interaction or not.
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The Evangelion clock is pretty awesome, but your appreciation of it may very depending on your particular geeky tastes.
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Intelliscreen? It puts Calendar, email, texts, RSS feeds and weather info on your lock screen. Jailbreak only I'm afraid and its paid for. Its worth it to me though.
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Response by poster: Koi pond seemed rather dull when i looked at it before, ill check again
the eva clock i dont think is worth the price
intelliscreen is the reason i jailbroke my phone and im still on the trial.. i just dont like it as much as i thought i would. maybe ill try it again.
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I love Bloom. Brian Eno helped with it, and while on the surface it may seem like another app where you merely tap the screen and it makes sounds, what really sets this app apart is that it sort of plays along with you. And when left untouched, the app plays random things on its own. (Aside: There are also "moods" which affect the sound in some way but the names confuse me.)

What I can tell you though is that I'll often let my iPhone sit on my desk running this app (and it would indeed be a good idea to leave yours docked, as I've found this app to smoke through your battery), and it's quite calming. Plus it's pretty. Well worth the price--I believe it's $3.99.
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Oh crap I forot about Bloom. I have Bloom it is freakin awesome. But if you were bored with Koi Pond you are probably going to be bored with Bloom.
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