I need Help Capturing Footage from Camera!
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How do I capture P2 footage from my Panasonic HD HVX200 camera into Avid HD Pro?
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The truth is that you should simply import your files from the P2 cards onto your hard drive using whatever means your computer makes available to you (card reader, appropriate slot for the cards, downloading from the camera, whatever), and then edit away. There are file name challenges with the files, and if you're worried about that there are a few workflow software downloads available that can help keep things labeled and organized more easily.

If you're having trouble, this looked at least moderately helpful, and the DVX user group and CreativeCow websites are notoriously helpful.

Also -- get a Firestore. And one of these is good.
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I'm very curious as to what the answers you'll get may be. I work as a tv editor and last summer I had a very similar issue. P2 cards working with Avid Adrenalines. We never really came up with a solution beyond spending hours downloading the P2 footage and then dubbing onto tapes which we then digitized. Despite the complete lack of technical knowledge from the people putting our editing system together, I really kept thinking that Avid just hadn't yet caught up to the camera technology - or am I just still disgruntled and annoyed by dealing with the P2 camera?
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