Renting Japanese DVDs in NYC
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NYCFilter: What is the best place in NYC to rent Japanese DVDs and videos? In particular, I'm scrabbling to find as many titles by Nobuhiko Obayashi as possible, but the normally gargantuan Kim's only has two of his films (including the jaw-dropping Hausu). Are there any good specialty rental places I should check out in my quest for more Obayashi?
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The Mitsuwa Shopping Center just across the Hudson river in Edgwater NJ has a video rental shop in it, they may be able to help. There is a shuttle bus from Manhatten as well.

There is also a Japanese used book shop that may have videos in the Binghampton Mall 100 yards north of Mitsuwa.
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you could try Book-Off too, on 41st street bet. 5th and Madison. (mostly used stuff)
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