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I know there are a bunch of job search websites out there like Career Builder, Monster and Indeed and all that other crap. I was just wondering if there are any other good ones out there that may have popped up recently that may not be as well known as the usual sites.
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I like SimplyHired which is more of an aggregation site which means that it's almost a one stop place to look for jobs but also tends to have a lot of duplicates since it pulls in jobs that are posted in multiple places.
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Have you tried LinkedIn? It's a popular social networking site focused on the professional scene.
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You might try JobPile, MostHired, or LinkUp.
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If you are looking for something smaller, and if you are looking for the type of job the carry, you can try the Job Board.
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I've found some things on Indeed that I wouldn't have seen otherwise. Also seems to be an aggregator.
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Its worth checking craigslist. Though its not fully-featured as far as searches go, if you know how to put together a boolean search you've got a lot of options out there.
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Are you asking for your library patrons in general, or for something in particular? Assuming the former:

Traditional job boards:

There are a lot of smaller, more focused boards for geographic or topical areas. For example, Crunchboard is pretty good for certain kinds of Web-based work; has a job section for information architects. Not surprisingly, Web work tends to lend itself to Web-based job boards.

TheLadders, annoying as its commercials are, is pretty good for VP- and C-level jobs, particularly in high-density areas; they do screen their applicants, though, so it's not going to get a candidate into a job market they wouldn't otherwise be qualified for. Some smaller players in the same $100k+ market include Execunet, Ritesite, and

Geographic local sites: Careerboard is good in Ohio, as another even niche-y example, and they have a special section for searching the Northcoast 99, which are by some metric the best employers in NE Ohio.

Experimental job boards:

There are a number of job matching services that exist as well. The model is similar to a dating site: the candidate describes himself, and the hiring manager describes the job, and the software determines good matches. I'm not under the impression any of these have reached the tipping point at which the network actually becomes robust and useful, but maybe I'm wrong.

Jobfox is a good one to check out here.

And not a job board per se:
For tech marketing jobs in California, there's an email list called KITlist that someone might find helpful -- probably a marketing someone, located in California.
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Monster has been surprisingly useful for me. I've gotten some spam, but posting my resume has resulted in some calls from people who don't advertise. I remove my resume and re-post it every 2-3 weeks, since some employers/agents look only at new material.

It helps to have a polished, targeted resume, though.
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Response by poster: This is for a class I am teaching at a public library and I was just fishing for some sites I may not have heard of yet. These have been helpful, thanks again to the mighty Metafilter community.
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Watch out if you post your resume- if you get a call from an insurance company, even if it's a big, nationally recognized name, it's most likely for a commission-only no base pay sales job. They'll say it's to be a "financial adviser" or something, but it's not. And they'll dance around, or outright lie, about the pay until you get to the interview. Which is when they try to shake you down for the contact info of friends and relatives to "kick start your career!"
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(I mention since I've been out of work for less than two months and had half a dozen calls like this so far- a friend went so far as to go to the interview when they did it to her)
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Another site to add to the Indeed/Simply Hired aggregator crowd: Juju.
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I have had tremendous success with a local jobs website run by the local chamber of commerce, maybe your CoC has something similar?
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