Chicago clothing consultant?
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How can I find a good sartorial consultant for a female lawyer in Chicago?

My sister is finishing law school and starting a corporate-lawyer gig this summer. She's the person I always go to for clothing advice, but has expressed interest in learning more about what to wear herself.

My mom thinks it would be a good idea to get her some time with a fashion consultant who can help find clothes that fit her own style and body well. I think so too but have no idea where we'd find such a consultant. My sis has generally classic style, and she's on the taller side (5'10" or so).

It's okay if it's spendy, but of course I'd welcome more reasonably priced suggestions too.
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You are probably looking for image consultants.
Not being familiar with the Chicago area, I find Fredda and Personal Images
highly recommended on the intertubes.
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How about a personal shopper at Neiman's or Saks (which sounds like a fantastic graduation present by the way.
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